By Aaron Bishop on January 26, 2015

hat's Pixel Junkies 2.0 you ask? It's our brand new piece of internet real estate, that's what. If it's your first time visiting us, we had a website before this one that was incredibly underwhelming. That's why this website is such a step up from what we're used to, and here's a list of reasons why.





The big one. Instead of just videos, we'll now be hosting written content that includes gaming, movie and TV articles, tech previews and reviews. The list goes on. We've always wanted to cover written content in the past but never really had the means. Plus it used to be just really be me and Andrew, and neither of us really had much patience to write enough content to make any sort of outlet worth while – now we have Adam and Rory in the fold, and writing stuff is one of their jobs. Keep an eye out for a butt load of content from those guys.





Alright, Profiles aren't exactly a 'new' feature to the site, but they now have much expanded functionality. If you want to see what anyone from the group is up to, you can simply click their name or photo under an article or video and it'll bring you right to their hub listing off all of the content they've been involved with. It even has a little counter so you can see how many videos they've been in or articles they've written; it's all very fancy.





All of our video content is now embedded directly on our site. No more forwarding, link-hopping, external host site nonsense (apart from Youtube itself). All of our stuff is right here, next to all of our written stuff. This was the biggest box I wanted to tick when building this new website, and although it was something of an undertaking it's finally paid off. It doesn't stop there though, not only is all our content right here, but we've also made it incredibly simple to watch our videos in order. Click on any series or channel and tap those arrows on the sides of the video to navigate forward or backwards through the list, genius right?





Our Community page actually has a purpose now! Not quite a traditional user managed forum, I'd like to think of it as one of those comment boxes next to the garbage bins in a fast food joint on the way out the door. There are few questions and topics we've asked, and we want your opinions. If you want to contribute, head over there and tell us your thoughts.





Yep, the store works now too. It's been an impossibly long time coming, so much that the original site, which was up for a year and a half, at no point had a store, despite one being very deep into development. I'll admit there's not really much in it right now, in fact there's just one computer wallpaper. Which is free by the way, so go download that and try it out. More content will be added later though, like posters and such. We're currently establishing shipping methods and packaging materials so we can safely transport them.


So there's all that and thousand other little things about this brand new website. To see it all, start clicking buttons and tabs and explore! Thanks for visiting our new home, we hope you like it and will come back soon and often for a visit. Thanks guys.



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