If we're going to do the history we may as well start from the very beginning. Aaron and Andrew met in fifth grade where they illustrated comics together. Soon they became good friends and realized their mutual love for video games. Many nights were spent playing GTA, Halo, and other great titles, usually decorated with a lot of swearing and inappropriate jokes.


Fast-forward almost 12 years and not much had changed. They'd met a ton of friends in school, Jordan being one of their closest whom they'd met in grade 8. Once in college, Aaron began making tutorials on Youtube and grew a taste for social commentary, thwarting the idea of starting a gaming channel. In late 2012, he began developing a brand along with a name, on a lunch break while at his work term, and Pixel Junkies was born.


Initially Andrew, Aaron and Dave filmed almost 30 episodes in the original Borderlands on PC to get a feel for how they wanted to be perceived. While the original intention was to release the episodes, they were eventually scraped as the group felt they weren't up to snuff.


Joining forces with Adam and Rory in mid 2014, the group crafts four-six new episodes a week which include: a weekly ninety minute video Podcast, as well as a game series play through episode, an achievement-chasing Win Points episode, Andrew's hilarious mod reviews, hour long one-off Special episode in the game of their choice, with the occasional Challenge episode where someone picks a task and tries to accomplish it. Also Rory does a thing where he talks about things on Netflix. Apparently.


Pixel Junkies launched on May 13th, 2013, the group has since played through a number of games, crafted dozens of Specials, Win Points, Challenges and started a video Podcast. Through constantly upgrading equipment and software, they're doing their absolute best to make better and more enjoyable content every single day.


How many episodes do you guys record in one session?

We of course have lives outside of Pixel Junkies and coordinating five or six people every week isn't always possible. Typically we'll do either a few episodes of series or a few specials in one session. That said, we do like releasing episodes as early as we can so we don't often backlog much content.


What kind of equipment do you use to create a video?

We have an HD PVR 2 for capturing console footage, we also commonly use ShadowPlay, Fraps and OBS to capture PC gameplay. We have a Blue Snowball microphone along with a few AT2020 condenser mics for getting our commentary. For the Podcast we film with a few Sony Handycam's and use a Polaroid Cube for wide-angle shots. Once all of it is recorded we bring it into Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere to cut it together.


How do you pick what games to play?

Andrew usually figures out the Series games. Challenge episodes are picked by the person playing, and Win Point games are picked for their achievements. Essentially though it needs to be a game that's entertaining to watch and not dependent on hours and hours of grinding to make some progress. Typically those games are turned into Specials instead of a Series.



Co-founder of Pixel Junkies. Works as a designer out of his home in Newfoundland. Been playing games since he could hold a controller.


Co-founder of Pixel Junkies. Comes up with episode ideas, and does video QA. Avid gamer, loves playing and modding PC games.


Controversial. Loves comics, movies and games. Has a crazy passion for all things music. Constantly trying to get himself bleeped.


Loves geek culture. Loves movies, comics and games. Mainly contributes headache and annoyance. Avid dinosaur enthusiast.


Film and TV critic. Loves math. Runs the Podcast, and writes articles. Joins the gang for the occasional episode.

Black T-shirt connoisseur.


Lives in Florida for some reason. Avid car enthusiast. Loves games (usually about cars) and building models cars. Joins in on PC videos.

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